Are you planning to move into a new apartment in Philadelphia? Moving can be stressful but there are ways to reduce the stress that you will experience and to make the moving process a bit simpler.

Moving Hacks That Will Make Your Move Easier

Planning in advance is the best way to make a move easier!

Planning Your Move

Before the big day, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Meal Planning: Try to plan your meals around what you already have in your freezer and fridge. This way you don’t have to worry about packing coolers or throwing out perfectly good food.
  2. Go Through Your Clothing: A move is always a good time to go through your closet and donate anymoving dolly and boxes pieces that you just don’t want or wear anymore.
  3. Take Measurements: If you have the opportunity, take measurements at your new apartment and sketch out ideas of where you would like your furniture to go.
  4. Schedule Your Address Change: Let the post office know what day you will need your mail to be forwarded.
  5. Hunt Down Free Boxes: Depending on how much you have to move, you may not have to purchase boxes at all. The best places to obtain free boxes include Craiglist, grocery stores, liquor stores, and warehouses.
  6. Take Pictures: Take pictures of your electronics and any other set ups that you want to remain the same after your move.

Tips For Packing

When it comes to actually packing up, pre-organizing is the way to go. A few good hacks to consider include:

  1. Place Clothing (And Hangers!) In Trash Bags: Leave your clothes on the hangers and just scoop up entire sections of your closet with a trash bag. Tie the bag around the top of the hangers and you’re good to go!
  2. Use Clothing From Drawers To Pack Dishes: Use socks on stemware, wrap plates in shirts, and fill in gaps with smaller pieces of clothing!
  3. Label Everything: Label each box with what’s in it and which room you want it to go into. Make sure to put the label on the top and on the side.
  4. Pack Liquids In Storage Bins: Keep all liquids together and pack them in plastic storage bins so that if a spill occurs it doesn’t leak onto other areas.

Hacks For Moving Day

When the big day arrives the following might be helpful:

  1. Use A Rubber Band On Your Door: If the door automatically locks, place a rubber band around the handles to prevent the lock from closing.
  2. Stop At The Bank: It’s always appropriate to tip your movers, make sure that you stop at the bank to get a cash tip!
  3. Always Do Walkthroughs: Do a walkthrough of each place – the one you are leaving and the one you are moving into. Be sure to take pictures of each room.

When The Day Is Over

When you’ve finally gotten everything moved into your new apartment, take a deep breath, order some takeout, and get a good nights sleep! Your adventure in your new home is just beginning!