If this is your first time celebrating Halloween while living in an apartment you might be concerned that you will be missing out on the fun of greeting trick-or-treaters and celebrating the holiday to the fullest. Yet, living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you will have to miss out on some of the greatest aspects of Halloween.

Perks To Apartments

While each building and apartment complex is different, some families prefer the safety and ease of apartments to that of multiple streets when taking their children out for Halloween festivities. And why shouldn’t they? There are many perks to this option instead of traveling up and down busy residential streets. Kids will be:

  • Safe from heavy traffic; especially as it gets dark
  • Free from having to wear a heavy coat over a costume
  • Familiar with many of the residents they visit, as they are probably neighbors
  • Able to finish quickly with the units being close together

Preparing For Trick-Or-Treaters

If this is your first year in the apartment building or complex, check with the apartment manager to see if there are any rules that should be followed. Some communities will even make up a map to use as a guide through the complex or host other events during the day. Is Halloween on a weekday? The city or the complex may decide to host all festivities on a weekend so more people can participate. Once all of those items are cleared up the planning can begin! Here are some easy tips to ensure the evening is enjoyable for all.

  • Make it obvious that you are open for trick-or-treaters. Add some decorations to the outside of your door and be sure that the entry is not dark. You don’t want to be passed over because your door was uninviting.
  • Make sure all of your treats are pre-packaged. Even if you know your neighbors well, you want parents to feel confident that their kids are safe to enjoy all of their treats. If you have homemade goodies, save them for another more intimate event.
  • Make sure your pet is contained. While your pet might be super friendly and love kids, some children are timid around animals. Costumes and frequent visitors can also be very unnerving for some pets and you don’t want to risk them getting loose if they get spooked! If your apartment complex is pet-friendly they may even host other events for them to attend in costume where they can receive Halloween treats of their own!
  • In the past couple of years, many people have begun offering candy alternatives to trick-or-treaters. It is common for children to have allergies to ingredients such as peanuts or gluten which makes many of the items usually given out on Halloween off limits to them. You may want to consider some alternatives such as temporary tattoos or fidget spinners that any child could choose.

Make Sure Your Children Have A Plan

If your kids are planning on trick-or-treating, whether older or younger, make sure they know the plan. Regular safety rules should still apply within the apartment complex just as if you were out in a residential neighborhood. If the kids are younger they should be supervised but if an older group of kids go out together remember to go over emergency plans with them. Here are some important basics to go over:

  • Do not enter anyone’s home. Trick-or-treating should remain at the doorway, even when accompanied by friends.
  • What is your plan if you are approached by strangers?
  • Do not eat any candy prior to arriving back home and an adult checking it.
  • Agree on an area and timeframe where and when trick-or-treating will occur and do not stray from it.
  • Make sure any area you go is well lit.

Of course, the very last tip for anyone is to have fun. However you choose to celebrate safety is always key so that you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Happy Halloween!